Shield Your Business From Piracy

You heard it from us

Piracy Ruins Your Business

PiraShield scans the web to locate pirated copies of your content
and tactically removes access to them.
Google indexes pirated copies of your content. Have you searched for it?
Anyone can download your content on Torrents. Have you seen it yet?
Piracy blogs share direct download links. Do you know where to find them?

Free copies of your content are only a search away

Put yourself in the shoes of your buyers. If you have a shopping cart for digital products, wouldn't you try a few Google searches to get it for free? Most content producers have pirated copies of their content on the top pages of search engines.

PiraShield can help

How it works

Step 1: PiraShield scans the web to locate pirated copies of your content

Step 2: We filter the results to verify the piracy of your content

Step 3: We take necessary actions and remove access to pirated content


In-Depth Coverage

PiraShield covers search engines, p2p, blackhats, forums, blogs, social media- you name it!

Piracy Web Crawl

We have built a robust, scalable, and secure web crawl that regularly catalogs IP infringements

Superfast Results

Our sophisticated web crawler provides lightning fast service and delivers guaranteed results

Human Verification

Our well-trained team makes sure that the DMCA's we submit are valid and accurate

Torrent Removal

We take down infringements at their source, from torrent sites and also from file hosts

Anti-piracy monitoring

We limit spreading of illegal copies of your content by regularly monitoring pirate blogs

Intelligent Dashboard

PiraShield's slick dashboard helps you track pirated links
and shows you an estimate of revenue savings

Measure Impact


PiraShield has reported 100,000+ pirate links
over the last few months

Guaranteed Satisfaction!

- John Crestani

"PiraShield was an amazing solution for my piracy problems! They have proven to be an amazing solution and true partner."

Director of revenue operations at JCC


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Full Piracy Coverage
  • Pirate File Removal
  • Google Search Deindexing
  • Torrent File Removal
  • Detailed DMCA Report
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Responsive Support

PiraShield Guarantee

We put our money
where our mouth is

PiraShield guarantees that you're pirated content will be found and removed.
If we don't produce results, we give your money back. No questions asked.

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Shield your business from Piracy

Remove access to pirated copies of your valuable copyrighted content, add more juice to your SEO and shield your name from being associated with piracy sites!

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What do we stand for?

We burn midnight oil and refill that oil tank every morning. 80 hour work weeks are common at PiraShield. Pirates don't sleep, and neither do we!

Our mantra is push the boundaries of comfort as much as possible. That is how we out-pace online piracy and keep our clients satisfied.

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*Even though we strive to do our best to limit the damage and to make sure that the pirated files do not get spread, PiraShield does not guarantee that all of your illegal files will be removed.